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About Us

The longest-lived art colony in Minnesota, the Grand Marais Art Colony, began in 1947 as a summer refuge for artists seeking study in the wilderness. In the early years, the Art Colony was blessed to have a series of "founding artists" who helped to birth a vision.

Birney Quick
Birney Quick, one of the region's acclaimed artists and a faculty member from the Minneapolis School of Art (now the Minneapolis College of Art and Design), came to the remote village of Grand Marais to create the Outdoor School of Painting. With support from MSA, Birney became the first director and instructor, developing a strong artistic vision which has allowed the Art Colony to evolve and flourish even after his death in 1981.

Byron Bradley
Byron Bradley, then Minneapolis-basd artist, joined Quick as an instructor in 1954 and soon the two became a successful team. Bradley operated K-B Art Gallery, which was the art supply resource for Twin Cities' artists.  He was a quiet, competent artist and together with Quick, they hosted Monday evening painting demonstrations, lectures, concerts, and dances. In 1959 Quick and Bradley disconnected from MSA and continued on, firmly establishing themselves and the Art Colony in Grand Marais.

Harvey Turner
Harvey first came to Grand Marais as a seasonal visitor and, from 1959 to 1965, took two-week classes from Quick and Bradley. Harvey's experience with the Art Colony inspired him to return to the University of Minnesota for a degree in art education. In 1966 Quick and Bradley asked Turner to join them as a youth instructor. Until the 1980s, Quick, Bradley, and Turner were the artistic trio of the Art Colony.

Others who have shared their talents along the way include Frank Gillis, Doc Evans, George Morrison, Betsy Bowen, and Hazel Belvo. These artists, among many others, have contributed to the Art Colony's transformation and on-going legacy.

Hazel Belvo
Inspired by the North Shore since 1960, Hazel Belvo - professor emeritus from MCAD and painter - has been teaching at the Art Colony since 1981. She describes painting the Grand Marais landscape as, "The artist's response to what she or he is seeing...part of the experience it to be in tune with nature. What happens on canvas is the artist's documentation of that includes all the senses, and the more present one is with that experience, the more descriptive the painting." 

People come from all over the US and Canada to participate in the Plein Air Competition,and the Art Colony's workshops in print-making, book arts, writing, sculpture, drawing, and watercolor, acrylic, oil, and sumi-e painting among others. Emerging artists and instructors alike experience these North Shore retreats with life-changing results.

The Art Colony currently hosts over 165 classes year round along with the Grand Marais Arts Festival and the Plein Air Competition, along with an annual home tour, Member Show, and a variety of rotating art excursions and conferences.

Check out the Grand Marais Harbor Camera to get a daily view of Grand Marais:

Grand Marais Art Colony Staff:

Amy Demmer, Executive Director

Ruth Pszwaro, Program Director

Carolyn Fritz, Events & Communications Director

Jessica Markusen, Office Manager

Natalee Stockdale, Gallery Store Assistant

Grand Marais Art Colony - Board of Directors
Executive Committee:
Sally Berg - Board Chair
Grand Marais, MN

Lynn Speaker - Vice Chair
Minneapolis & Grand Marais, MN

David Quick - Treasurer
Grand Marais, MN

Clare Shaw - Secretary
Grand Marais, MN

Board members at large:
Hazel Belvo
Minneapolis & Grand Marais

Mike Carlson
Grand Marais, MN

Howard Hedstrom
Grand Marais, MN

Marcia Hyatt
Lutsen, MN

John Franz
Grand Marais, MN

Ann Possis
Lutsen, MN

Jolita Rysdahl
Tofte, MN

Scholarships are available for class tuition, and class supply fees from the Orrin Richards Supply Scholarship, please contact the office to request more information - (218) 387-2737

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Apollo Pursuing Daphne, by Birney Quick
"Apollo Pursuing Daphne" by Birney Quick

Birney Quick, Grand Marais Art Colony Founder

Fish Fry with Birney Quick and Byron Bradley

Plein Aire on beach in Grand Marais

Clothesline Art Sale

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