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The 27th Annual Grand Marais Arts Festival

July 8 - 9, 2017

Join us July 8 - 9, 2017 for this year's festival!

Over 70 local and regional artists set up by the shores of Lake Superior for two days during the peak of summer to showcase their unique handcrafted work and provide insight into their artistic process through demonstration and dialogue.

Our 2017 Festival Artists:


Martye Allen
Maggie Anderson
Gail Anderson
James Anderson
Julie Arthur
Nicole Aufderhar
David Barthel
Douglas Becker
Douglas Berg
Betsy Bowen
Bill Brown
Bud Bullivant
Greg Cheesebro
Art Ciccotti
Cherie Courter
Julie Crabtree
Tom Crosby
Dawnette Davis
David DeMattia
Tim Dennison
Mary Ila Duntemann
Joan Farnam
Diane Gamm
Marybeth Garmoe
Jesse Gerhard
Jim Gindorff
Bill Gossman
Luci Haas
Andy Hall
Bradley Hall
Monica Hansmeyer
Todd Hawkinson
Daniel  Hedblom
Nancy Hemstad Seaton
Michael Hess
MaryJane Huggins
Jill Hunter
Anthony Huonder
Judith Johnson
Sharee Johnson
JD Jorgenson
Aryn Kern
Jan Killian
Eric King
Andrew Kringen
Candace LaCosse
Stuart  Lenz
Aron Levandowski
Jenny Levernier
Mary MacDonald
Andrea Martin
Annette Mattingly
Jonathan Metzger
Megan Mitchell
Jeff Morgan
Chrissy Mount Kapp
Dan Neff
Kelly Nelson
Jennifer Nunnelee
Louise Payjack-Guillou
Tim Pearson
Mary  Reichert
Jerry Riach
Jessica Robertson
Sue Rowe
Nate Saunders
Ray Shelerud
Neil Sherman
Natalie Sobanja
Joyce Staley
Cooper Ternes
Ryan Tischer
David Towley
Jeannie Trelles
Natalija Walbridge
Candyce Westfield
Rebecca Wicklund
April Witzke
Paul Zoldahn

Click here to find more info about being a Festival Artist in the Artist Packet.   

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2016 Award Winners
Best in Show: Tim Pearson
Best in Show Honorable Mention: Barbara Stellmach
Best Booth: Jesse Gerhard
Best Booth Honorable Mention: Greg Cheesebro

2015 Award Winners
Best in Show: Bob Briscoe
Best in Show Honorable Mention: Sharee Johnson
Best Booth: Gail Anderson
Best Booth Honorable Mention: Ernest Miller

2014 Award Winners
Best in Show Award: Kristine Danielson | Jewelry
Best in Show Honorable Mention: Julie Crabtree | Fiber
Best Booth Award: Jd Jorgenson | Ceramics
Best Booth Honorable Mention: Peter Jadoonath | Ceramics

2013 Award Winners
-Best in Show Award: Jason Trebs | Ceramics
-Best in Show (Honorable Mention): Betsey Harries | Mixed Media
-Best Booth Award: David Steckelberg | Drawing

2012 Award Winners:
- Best in Show Award: Dan & Frances Hedblom of Copper Elements : Booth# 43
- Best in Show (Honorable Mention): Kelly O'Brien of Silver Pines Design : Booth# 27
- Best Booth Award: Steven Weagle of Weagle Works : Booth# 24


Awards: The Grand Marais Art Colony recognizes two awards during the Arts Festival. Best Booth & Best in Show. Award winners receive recognition at the show, a commemorative ribbon for their booth and waived jury fee for the next years festival.


Artist Hospitality Room: With coffee and donuts, ligh lunch & restroom facilities

Security, Staff, Volunteers: Overnight security to protect your work. Staff & numerous volunteers to answer your questions and offer booth sitting.

Emerging Artists Classes: Two classes will be offered at the Grand Marais Art Colony for emerging artists that will aid in festival participation. Digital Portfolio Pictures and Zapplication help

Shared Booth Space (optional): Up to two artists can share a booth space. In one applicaiton, BOTH artists MUST submit 3-5 examples of artwork and BOTH artists must be accepted.

Festival Directory: a complete directory of exhibitors with website and contact information to be handed out to Festival Attendees and local businesses.

Year-round Exposure: Artwork donations on display at the Art Colony during the year until sold.

Visitor Engagement: Artist demonstrations & Friday night soiree establish a connection with attendees.

Radio Broadcast: Interviews & live broadcast during festival with local radio station 90.7 WTIP.

Arts Festival Postcard: A postcard created by the Grand Marais Art Colony for exhibiting artists to hand out to their patrons.

Community Support: Local businesses assist in promotion of the Arts Festival by including information in their e-newsletters and promo material, expanding our reach to well over 100,000 people.

Artist Packet
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